Wake, Sleepy Ones Book Review

Wake, Sleepy One: California Poppies and the Super Bloom

Written by Lisa Kerr
Illustrated by Lisa Powell Braun
Published by West Margin Press in April, 2022

Wake, Sleepy One holds stunning illustrations and an artistic ode to CA's
 state flower, accompanied by appealing informative text that invites readers to understand the life cycle and ecological role of the California poppy. I read this with T and a friend of his; we three took turns reading and discussing the different stages of growth and the other creatures depicted. T's friend pointed out the butterflies she observed and commented about her appreciation of the winged insects. T and I discussed his Grammy's garden and whether we'd want to visit the superbloom in person. I recalled anecdotes about growing up with the intriguing flower in our front yard (and a minor kerfuffle with the HOA). It was delightful to learn more about my childhood state's flower with my son. Now that T reads chapter books to himself, our shared reading time has lessened; we continue to share nonfiction picture books that are necessarily selected with great care. Wake, Sleepy Ones was an ideal choice.

Anyone who claims that nonfiction isn't engaging hasn't read Wake, Sleepy Ones. Young readers can lose themselves in the illustrations, learn from the informational text, or invite the poppy to grow and wake as they read the prose. Art, literature, or science - whichever your kiddo's taste, there'e something splendid here for them. I don't know which I like best: the pictures, prose, or informational text. This is STEAM at its best! (And a must-read for Californians!)

Note: A review copy was provided upon request, for the purpose of this honest review.