The Dragon's Blood Book Review

The Dragon's Blood (Explorer Academy # 6)
By Trudi Trueit
Published by National Geographic in October, 2021

Mom's Review
I finally sat down and read the last installment of Explorer Academy, and let me tell you, it is spectacular. With the previous novel, I had not been quite as smitten, but Trueit is again at the top of her game with Dragon's Blood.

The mystery of just who is spying on Cruz intensifies. Crazy wild new info about Taryn is revealed. Two treks into the wilderness offer excitement with new species discoveries. And family drama will twist your stomach in knots.

What I particularly like about this series, though, is how curiosity, friendship, and personal growth are wrapped in the package of an adventure. Sure, the kids are trying to decipher clues, find hidden pieces of the cipher, and beat the murderous Big Pharma spies - all between classes. But readers witness how the young explorers navigate friendships (awkwardly at times) and learn more about themselves and topics that interest them (while groaning about homework). The social dynamic and the encouragement of pursuing one's interests is both realistic and encouraging. Cruz has problems and isn't always sure he's making the right choices, but he ultimately follows his conscience and communicates with those he cares about. I apologize for being vague, but I must leave out the details so as not to spoil anything. 

The Dragon's Blood is a stellar book in its own right, and a superlative segment of the series.

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Note: A review copy was provided upon request, for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts are my own.