Hermit Hill Book Review

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Hermit Hill (Sueno Bay Adventures #3)

By Mike Deas and Nancy Deas
Published by Orca Book Publishers, May, 2022

The Sueno Bay series is spectacular. T loves it. I love it. And we love to read it together. He likes "how you discover that the Grundle twin has a long lost sister." He liked the sister - "how she was all 'beware, we must take responsibility for our actions'." He suggests that for the next book, "One of the monsters should be something like Bigfoot or a yeti or a snow monster - a snow monster would be good." T also wants you to know, "I like how at the beginning of all the books, there's a little backflash of a long time ago."

In this third installment of Sueno Bay Adventures, Sleeves is the focal character. When he is marginalized by the older children during the construction of a go-kart, he finds solace with moon creatures in the forest. Believing himself to be their king and protector, he locks them up, to disastrous results. Sleeves and his friends experience firsthand the danger of disrupting nature's balance and the value in protecting vulnerable creatures and their habitat rather than caging them. All the while, the older children are, with varying degrees of success, navigating disagreements with friends and accepting disappointments. Of particular note is how Jenna learns to collaborate on the project instead of control it. There are valuable examples to take in while enjoying the adventure of Hermit Hill.
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This whole series is one to follow, and one that I regularly go to when gift shopping or when asked for recommendations.

Note: A review copy was provided upon request for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts are our own.