West Coast Wild Babies Book Review

West Coast Wild Babies
Written by Deborah Hodge
Illustrated by Karen Reczuch
Published by Groundwood Books, April, 2020
T's takeover continues with today's post (text and photo). He wrote it before our camping trip, but I'm just getting it posted now that we are back in town. I will warn you, it is rather James Joyce-an in style. I clearly need to give him more coaching on writing or constraints. In the meantime, enjoy some stream of consciousness from a seven-year-old. 

T's Blog Takeover 
of west coast wild babys

T added the of west coast wild babys.
Sooo anyway the book was a book about babys that live in the west coast.For example a bald eagle
or a sea otter (moms favorite) I like the bald eagles.It taught me many things but I forgot them
I know moms answer but I do know this much each bottle nose dolphin has a cry of
it's own I know what mom would say about that if you guys want to here what mom would
say its past the end of the blog and apparently the blog ends here.
Mom would say: what does that have to do with the blog and
read the book again see ya'll next week probably I have to go camping you know.

Note: A review copy was provided for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts are T's own.