Chocolate Chirp Cookies Book Review

Chocolate Chirp Cookies
Written by Jenny Goebel
Illustrated by Angie Alape and Marc Mones
Expected publication: September, 2022, by Albert Whitman & Co.

Son's Review
(Age: 7)
What to know:
Expect a boy does not want to eat bugs, and he eventually does. It teaches people stuff about bugs, about their species and stuff like that.

What T liked: I would want to hold a tarantula, but I'd have to close my eyes while doing it, 'cuz I'm pretty sure they have venom. Do they? *cue spider conversation*

I would not want to eat chocolate chirp cookies. I would eat a bumblebee if I knew it wasn't gross and if I knew it was absolutely absolutely dead, so it wouldn't sting me in the throat.

T also wants you to know: I don't want a bumblebee that's not fully dead stinging me in the throat if I end up eating it, which is doubtful.

Mom's Review

If your household is curious about bug consumption, this book is for you.

When a family visits the local insect museum, the special exhibition is a buffet. The younger sister is enthusiastic about looking at bugs, holding tarantulas, and eating insects. The older brother prefers to hang back and observe; ultimately he chooses to eat a chocolate chip cookie that is made with cricket flour. Fearless young readers will identify with the sister, while those who deliberate more before action will see their reflection in the brother. The father does not push the son, but does encourage him to take a small step outside of his comfort zone. The family dynamics modeled in Chocolate Chirp Cookies leave just as positive an impression on the readers as does the portrayal of entomophagy.

Note: A review copy was provided for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts are our own.