GIVEAWAY AND BLOG TOUR – The Friendly Bookshelf

The Friendly Bookshelf
Written by Caroline and Katherine Brickley
Illustrated by Daniela Pérez-Duarte

Wouldn't it be nice if a bookshelf could bend over a little bit and let you reach that book on the top shelf without losing the rest of the row? The Friendly Bookshelf features an anthropomorphic character who holds children's literature in the town library and helps patrons who pass by. Bibli the Bookshelf loves listening to the librarian read aloud at story time, but notices that stories never actually contain bookshelves. (T was quick to point out that this book does.) When Bibli confides his disappointment at never seeing himself reflected in the stories he hears, the little girl who regularly reads beside him writes a book for him and shares it at story time. 

With sweet illustrations and flowing narration, The Friendly Bookshelf emphasizes the importance of seeing oneself reflected in media. It also gently conveys the impact our actions have on others, providing a natural springboard for conversations about social interactions. A small gesture by Bibli sets off a chain of events that a young audience can trace and relate to real life. This would be great as part of kindergarten unit on friendship or media. And of course it would be very meta to read a bookshelf-a-library book in a library...

The Friendly Bookshelf spreads a positive message of making changes you want to see in your world and is an accessible book for young readers, both in message and language.

Son's Review: When asked, T's says, "It's a pretty good book."

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