Greta Grace Blog Tour – Book Review and GIVEAWAY

Book Review and GIVEAWAY

Greta Grace: A Greta Grace Gibson Story About Bullying and Self-Esteem
By Joanna Quinn
Published by Emerald Lake Books

Quick synopsis: I could not put Greta Grace down. Quinn crafts a narrative that allows readers to connect with GG while maintaining enough distance to recognize that her handling of bullying is not ideal. Casey, the bully, wages war against GG on two fronts: at school and online. GG's response is to ignore it, meditate, and turn to God. Her best friend, however, abandons GG in order to befriend Casey and remove herself as another possible bullying target. GG's meditation and mindfulness help her maintain some level of peace of mind, but they don't stop Casey or get her best friend back. On top of the school situation, the woman who is like a grandmother to GG lies comatose in the hospital. Greta Grace is a compelling story that acknowledges the challenges of middle school and the seeming impossibility of resolving them.

The strength of Greta Grace is twofold: GG embodies the multitudes contained by tweens and teens and she models positive mental health practices. Although her friends don't always get it, she meditates the way her mother and "grandmother" have been teaching her for years. She knows what works for her – this is something we discuss with T, namely knowing what helps him calm himself or feel less scared (sometimes all those monster books catch up with him). GG also mentions God a few times; prayer is a part of her life. No particular faith is mentioned, but I inferred a Christian slant (you see what you are, right?). The natural integration of belief and practice stands out to me as a particular reason to read this. You know I'm always on the lookout for books that depict people of faith without focusing on that faith. Greta Grace really hits that target. It's worth reiterating. She knows what's right for her, that it might not be the same for her friends, and she is okay with that (most of the time).

GG is certainly intimidated by Casey and doesn't want adults involved; readers will likely identify with her feelings. She also navigates the uncertain terrain of like-liking a boy who may or may not like-like her back. They become friends when GG's best friend bails; the growth of their friendship has its natural ups and downs, but demonstrates to GG that she is valued by other classmates. As a parent, I appreciate how the relationships – both good and bad – ring true and provide an example of what is healthy (or not). Readers really don't know how the bullying issue will turn out, or whether the grandmother will awaken. The plot and subplot move along quickly but with a level of detail that allows the reader to immerse herself in GG's life. Greta Grace is one I'd have had in my classroom and on my suggested book report reading list for fourth and sixth graders.

I recommend Greta Grace.


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