Juan Hormiga Book Review

Juan Hormiga
By Gustavo Roldán
Translated from the Spanish by Robert Croll
Published by Elsewhere Editions: May 4, 2021

Mom's Review

Juan Hormiga is absolutely delightful. I'm talking about the book and the character. Juan is a little red ant who naps and tells stories. Although he doesn't carry his load of the work, he so enchants the other ants with tall tales that they do not mind. When he decides to go off on a real adventure shortly before a torrential downpour, the fellows back home weave their own epic about his supposed exploits. Little do they know, he is safely napping in a tree! Juan's ability to enchant is infectious; without even realizing it, the other ants have developed their own powers of imagination. If you want something that shows — doesn't tell, but shows — the power of stories, this is for you. Also, Juan is just plain cute.

We are loving this endearing Spanish import.

Son's Review

I like how the one ant is red.

The guys in it look really cute and funny. I hope a Book 2 of this comes out.

I like how Juan Hormiga tricked 'em.

I would ask him to tell me one of the stories of his grandfather ants.

I liked how cute the little ants were.

It's good.

I like the pictures and I think the little ants are super cute.

Note: A review copy was provided for the purpose of this honest review.