Sleepy Stories Book Review

Sleepy Stories
Written by Mario Levrero
Illustrated by Diego Bianki
Translated from the Spanish by Alicia López
Expected publication by Elsewhere Editions: July 6, 2021

Sleepy Stories is an interesting book. You know those times when you are too tired to think straight, but your kiddo wants a story? That's the premise of Sleepy Stories. The father pleads exhaustion, but the child says that any story, even a sleep story, would be fine. And so the father tells increasingly sleepy stories, where the protagonist is trying to get home to go to bed, but ridiculous scenarios arise, preventing him from doing so. The listener is delighted with each story. It's short, sweet, and totally relatable. I found it funny – I could really identify with the dad. T enjoyed the stories that the dad told, but found it challenging to share the reading with me.

The format is that of a dialogue, such as you see in plays. T struggled a bit to adjust to the layout. I would omit, "Me:..." and just read what the father said, but T consistently included the, "Nicolás:" before each of Nicolás's lines. I tried to explain, but he was more interested in the narrative than the setup. I think it would have been better to have read it to T the first time around while he enjoyed the otherworldly illustrations.

Sleepy Stories is lovely and soothing, and it elicits chuckles from this adult reader.

Note: A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.