Monsters Book Review

Book Review
Monsters: A Magic Lens Hunt for Creatures of Myth, Legend, Fairy Tale and Fiction
Written by Céline Potard
Illustrated by Sophie Ledesma
Expected publication: May 1, 2019

Why we chose this book:
Because monsters!
What on Earth? Books provided a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Mom's Review
T and I both love Monsters! It's fun. It's a stellar introduction to literary and cinematic monsters. It's interactive with a magic spy lens that lets you see hidden monsters (spoiler: it's red cellophane). And it paves the way to lit and film classics for when the kids are older.

From T's favorite Cyclops and Minotaur to ones he's excited to meet on the page or screen like Frankenstein's monster, Voldemort, and Jabba the Hutt, Monsters presents the premier monsters from a wide range of genres and niches, including space, castles, and water. Each two-page spread features six monsters; the top portion is illustration and the bottom portion has a short paragraph about each monster. The content and vocabulary are appropriate for even young ages (we only edited a couple descriptions, such as omitting that Captain Bluebeard murdered his wives). This is just the right level of scary for T! The final two-page spread offers monster body parts that you can trace to create your own monster, which T was eager to do and I had a lot of fun doing for him! We go through a lot of monster books, many of which are introductions and ABC books. This is by far one of my favorites. The fact that it even included the Hound of the Baskervilles sealed the deal for this Sherlock Holmes fan.

To give you an idea just home much T loves Monsters:
We've had our review copy for two and a half days. It takes about 30 minutes to read Monsters cover to cover. I've read this cover to cover twice, T's dad has read it cover to cover once, and both of us have read select pages.

We emphatically recommend Monsters to any other little monster enthusiasts out there!

Son's Review
favorite page

(Age: 4)
Mom: Tell me what you like.

Son: I like that it is a good book. I like that it has a bunch of monsters, and I really like it because I like scary things. Definitely!

Mom: Which monsters did you recognize?

Son: I recognized forest spirits and the Minotaur and the Cyclops and dragon and the Beast and vampires.

Mom: Did you have a favorite? Why?

Son: The Beast because I like him.

Mom: Do you look forward to reading any of the books mentioned?

Son: Yes. I wanna look forward to reading Star Wars and Frankenstein and The Opera Phantom. I want to watch King Kong. The last one I would want to read, I mean watch is Mars Attacks.

Mom: Do you have a favorite new monster? Why?

Son: That new monster was called the Leshy. I like the egg business.

Mom: What is the best part of Monsters?

Son: It is the mermaid because I like The Little Mermaid, but I've never watched it, and I wanna learn which age my mother was when she watched it.

Mom: I was six. Who might like this book?

Son: Anyone who likes scary and monsters.