Treasure – Book Review

Say, "Treasure!"

Written by Mireille Messier
Illustrated by Irene Luxbacher
Published September 2019

An older sibling invites a younger one to find a nature treasure. Text is minimal, just a simple dialogue between the children as they venture through the woods until they find a waterfall: the treasure. On the way, the younger brother finds various small treasures, which he puts into his pocket. The final page shows that he has built a small boat to float on the pond below the waterfall.

Son's Review:
As we set off on our treasure hunt:
At the end of our treasure hunt:

Mom's Review:
Treasure is a feel-good story in the best possible way. It is satisfying to see the children persevere and finally come upon a glorious scene. There is so much beauty on every page – you could discover countless nature treasures perusing the two-page spreads that show each of the children's stops along the way. Treasure is inspiring as well. It will likely be hard for little ones to resist setting out right away to find their own treasures.

If you have a little treasure seeker, this is a beautiful book for story time inside or outside. And if you have someone who is reluctant to go outside, this is an excellent enticement.

Orca Book Publishers provided a review copy in exchange for an honest review.