Death Bee Comes Her – Book Review

Death Bee Comes Her (An Oregon Honeycomb Mystery)
By Nancy Coco
Expected publication: December 31, 2019

This is definitely a series to follow! Wren is a a shop owner in a small coastal town in Oregon. She has a passion for honeybees and her shop sells all things honey-related, much of which she makes herself. Wren is also a cat owner. These two facts are crucial because it is while walking her cat along the beach (yep, you read that right), that she discovers a murdered woman clutching the label from one of Wren's honey lip balms. And it just gets better from there. When the police suspect Wren is the murderer, she and her friends decide to run their own investigation, all under the scrutiny of friendly and hostile small-town neighbors.

I am trying to put my finger on what exactly is so engrossing about Death Bee Comes Her. The mystery is woven with expertise. The characters are simultaneously relatable and enviable (anyone else out there want to own a small business on Main Street of a small town?). The investigation unfolds with just the right balance of twists and clues to keep this reader on her toes. The romantic tension is a fun subplot. The cat makes me want to have my own. And the setting is someplace I’d love to spend more time. All in all, everything about Death Bee Comes Her is inviting; once its claws are in you, you won’t want to get loose.

Why I chose this book:

Cozy mysteries are a favorite genre of mine, and I was looking to start a new series. Kensington Mystery provided a review copy in exchange for an honest review.